Welcome to Fatherhood Inc. or WTF for short is a nonprofit organization created by Royce Briales and Raheem Young to help dads of all ages cope with the pressures and stresses of being fathers. The concept for Welcome to Fatherhood was birthed out of discussions around the pressures and feelings of uncertainty Royce and Raheem experienced when they were expecting their first children. Royce and Raheem formed Welcome to Fatherhood to provide new and seasoned dads with a forum to discuss their parenting experiences. Welcome to Fatherhood’s purpose is to strengthen the family unit by empowering fathers and enlighten them on the importance of positive, active, and engaged paternal roles to their children’s emotional, social, and spiritual development.  


Welcome to Fatherhood Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to help fathers cope with the stresses and pressures of being fathers.  Our mission is to strengthen the community by linking and providing services to fathers that will benefit them throughout their journey through fatherhood.  Welcome to Fatherhood Inc. will connect fathers to a multitude of resources and supports.  Our mission is to enlighten fathers on the importance of positive, active, and engaged paternal roles to their children’s emotional, social, and spiritual development.  

Our vision is to improve family dynamics in the communities we serve by empowering fathers and providing them with the resources, support, and knowledge to acquire the skills necessary to provide for their children and families.    


Dr. Raheem Young's  Bio

Dr. Raheem Young is a husband and father of three. He had his first child at the age of 21 and second at 23. Being married and having two children by the age of 23 was a maturing and eye-opening experience filled with many ups and downs. Dr. Raheem’s wife and children have been some of his greatest teachers. They have taught him a lot about himself and have shown him firsthand the misconceptions he held about manhood and fatherhood. Dr. Raheem wanted to form Welcome to Fatherhood to assist other dads in their fatherhood journey by sharing with them his struggles and triumphs.    

Royce Briales Bio

Highly dedicated and fun-loving, Royce Briales is a powerhouse entrepreneur whose underlying mission is to give fathers the quality advice, support, and empowerment they deserve. As the Co-Founder of Welcome to Fatherhood (WTF), a spearheading nonprofit organization where new and experienced fathers of all ages can cope with the pressures of being parents, Royce enjoys building a strong community that gives both dads and their kids the best grounds to thrive on. 


Born and raised in a two-parent home until the age of 12, Royce learned early on the true meaning behind commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic. These core principles later became the catalyst to venture out to explore the world. To date, he has been to Ireland, Rome, Mexico, and Aruba and plans on checking Africa off his bucket list next. 


Royce is no rookie when it comes to the realities of fatherhood stresses. As a divorced father raising 3 children under the age of 10, he fully understands the complexities that come with being a single-parent. However, he also knows how to overcome mental barriers and obstacles that arise through shared experiences and advanced meditation. 


This ultimately motivated Royce to help dads reach that same level of balance, presence, and clarity. Royce is a living testament that proves that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a strength. Never forget that it takes a village to raise a child, and Royce Briales is honored to invite you to the Welcome to Fatherhood village.


Overall, nothing makes Royce happier than being able to help new and seasoned fathers overcome the pressures and stresses of parenting and reach their full potential. He has a genuine passion for what he does and demonstrates that by building his nonprofit on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, and trust where fathers from every corner can come together to learn and unwind. 


Browse the website to discover expert parenting information. You'll be surrounded by positivity, support, and some lighthearted fun along the way. In the end, fatherhood is certainly not an easy gig to take on, but it sure is one wonderful heck of a ride. 

Fun Facts 


  • Music listener and producer (rap)

  • Sports enthusiast 

  • Pro at making others laugh

  • Listening master with an optimist mindset 

  • Sunrise and sunset chaser